Meet The Founders

Co-Founders Vanessa Macias and Mariah Dodson, set out on a mission to
educate their community on the medicinal value and economic benefits of the newly regulated California Cannabis industry. As advocates, and philanthropists with a synchronized passion for this life-saving plant, they were inspired to create a conscious-based business to service their industry with mindful healing solutions.

In 2016, these women devoted their lives to develop Dust To Diamonds Inc., a California established organization focused on cannabis-integrated wellness solutions.With their friends and family’s well-being in mind, in early 2017,
they launched a line of patent-pending CBD personal care products, this includes a variety of herbal blends, oils, extracts, lotions and supplements.

In 2018, these women were acknowledged for setting the record as the youngest founders in the history of cannabis legalization to be awarded cultivation and manufacturing business licensing in the State of California.

In 2019, they opened their first CBD Wellness Retail Shop on the outskirts of Los Angeles County.From manufacturing to retail, these two have self-funded their way to an all-inclusive, eco-friendly supply chain and continue to inspire many by breaking barriers and elevating the game in what was once known as a “taboo” industry.


Vanessa Macias

Vanessa Macias brings over 7 years of experience in business development for a portfolio of companies in various industries. She is notable for her leadership in becoming one of the youngest, self-funded, executives to receive a California Cannabis license. She holds a Bachelors of Science in Business Administration from Devry University and is a certified Project Manager, as well as a Fitness Coach. Her expertise in the areas of business and health led her to become the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Dust To Diamonds Incorporated, a Southern California based cannabis wellness organization. In 2018, she led her team in receiving (11) cultivation and manufacturing licenses ,developed and managed over (26) cannabis licensing accounts for third party licensee holders; and contributed to the fundraising, planning and executing of multiple cannabis site developments in Northern California. With a specialization in domestic and international sales management, she recently committed to the role of lead sales executive for a prestigious CBD company. Her skillsets include: leadership, strong work ethic, excellent communication and public speaking, cash management, stakeholder relations management and fundraising management. Vanessa has a passion for philanthropy and education and is greatly involved with the community through volunteer work, and regularly consults with patients in an outreach effort to provide tools for healthier solutions for pain management. Additionally, she has been greatly involved with raising awareness for the Social Equity Reform Program.

Co-Founder/ C.O.O

Mariah Dodson

Mariah Aleah Dodson brings extensive work experiences across various industries. She served as a United States Army Specialist for five years. Mariah moved on to join the cannabis industry, emerging as the youngest Licensed cannabis holder. Under her leadership, she worked as a lead project manager, assisting in fundraising over 2.3 million, and handled all architecture engineering and building plans for a large scale 20-acre cannabis development. In 2017, Mariah headed a team of professionals and was pivotal in all licensing and developmental plans of the organization. In her current position, she aids clients with organic healing solutions through herbal remedies. Recently, she launched a CBD wellness company, “essence CBD,” a new age wellness center. Mariah is passionate about her work and understands the need to be assiduous in her duties. Some of her professional qualities include project management, communication, attention-to-detail, planning and organization, and problem-solving.






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