Visit your city website for more information directed to your local cannabis ordinances.


  • 2010- Governor Schwartzenegger Passes SB 1449-Makes possession of less than an ounce a misdemeanor and civil infraction in California
  • 2010-Oakland Approves City Wide Plan for Cultivation-Voters approve citywide plan to grow marijuana in 4 factories; plans were dismissed after Obama Administration warned violation of federal laws
  • 2010-Prop 19 Defeated-Recreational legalization failed to pass by 54% of voters
  • 2011- U.S Attorney Prosecute Landlords Allowing Marijuana Grow- Attorney’s for California prosecute property owners allowing cannabis grow
  • 2012- Mendocino County Ends Permit Program for Medical Marijuana- Mendocino County ends permit program, first in county, for pressure from federal government
  • 2013- California Voters Legalize Marijuana- 55% of voters vote yes to legalizing marijuana in California
  • 2015- California Lawmakers Set New Regulations for Cannabis Programs- California drafts new regulations for cannabis programs for cultivation, fees, licensing and standards
  • 2016- Adult Use Act Approved- Prop 64 was passed by California voters to legalize recreational use of cannabis in California
  • 2018- Regulated Cannabis Legalization into Effect- January 1, 2018 recreational cannabis became legal in California


  • 2014- President Obama signed the Farm Bill which allowed research institutions to start piloting hemp farming
  • 2015- The Industrial Hemp Farming Act (H.R 525 and S. 134) was introduced in the house and senate. If passed, federal restrictions would be removed on Industrial Hemp and cultivation legalization
  • 2016- A Colorado farm earned Organic Certification from USDA for its Hemp
  • 2018-Farm Bill of 2018 was passed which removed Hemp from a Schedule 1 drug to a Schedule 5 and allowing for importation across state lines