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Palo Santo, Rainbow Sage, White Sage, Lavender & chamomile rose bath salt, Manifest Essential Oil Blend, Love note.

Diamond Goddess Healing Kit is specially curated for new beginnings, new understands! The contents inside are designed for self care, and self love in mind. Use these tools to help you unwind, reconnect and rejuvenate your self/


Whats in your Diamond Kit?


Goddess Essential Oil (10ml) This traquil aroma of heavenly natural woodsy oils will connect you with your inner spirit. Allow yourself to feel a deeper connection with your divine feminie.


The beautiful Affirmation Card illustrates a goddess honoring her own divine femine energy.  ” I AM LIGHT, I AM PURE,I ECEPT MY DIVINITY. I SURRENDER, RELEASE AND MANIFEST AND RECEIVE ALL THAT I DESIRE.”


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