Premium CBD Oil Drops


MCT oil, peppermint oil, and CBD.

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500mg 99% Crystalline CBD in our 1 oz droppers. 15mg CBD per dropper full.

We keep it simple, and always, organic. Easily use sublingually or add as a minty addition to your favorite drink.

MCT oil, Cannabidiol, Peppermint.

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  1. d2d_inc_mgmt

    I bought 2 vials of CBD oil from D2D, because I know the product contains what it says, unlike many online dupes that are out there. The oil was for my 120 lb. male lab that tweaked his hip and needed to be mellow and still while it healed, my only other option was to have the vet prescribe sedatives and keep him in a kennel for 3-4 days. About 30 min. after feeding him a dog treat soaked in D2D CBD oil, he settled down and was relaxed, mellow, but not drugged. Instead of bouncing and trotting like he normally would, he simply walked from room to room which allowed us to give him freedom to roam, go potty, etc. Recently he split his paw open and again we used the oil to mellow him out from popping the wound open while it heals. The oils are great in mellowing out our very bouncy active lab to the point where he’s still independent, which we greatly appreciate versus making a trip to the vet for costly sedative pills and locking him in a kennel. Thank you D2D! -Lexi G

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