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We have entered an era where changing paradigms, and quite literally a culture, is met in a tackle between the generations.


Medical cannabis, the hottest topic of 2018 has brother against brother, city against city, even government against itself. There is a lot to be learned from the naivety on the subject and it’s exactly that, a problem with how we’re educated about it. Dust to Diamonds Incorporated, a company out of Lancaster, CA with an army veteran as one of the leaders has made it their mission to better communicate the public on conventional ideas that offer a model that hit many targets of concern at once, holistic wellness. A type of system where all parts synchronize to exceed the health results that were thought possible. This philosophy has driven Dust to Diamonds Incorporated to a level that surpasses their local influence so therefore have committed themselves to supply a large portion of the medical cannabis available on the west coast today. On April 24th, the 2 youngest female C.E.O’s in the industry were granted Medical Cannabis Permits on behalf of their company, Dust to Diamonds Incorporated which included, Cultivation and Manufacturing licenses in California City which opens a groundbreaking opportunity for projects in the area.


Dust to Diamonds Incorporated, with the help of international investments has spearheaded development on projects including all engineering, manufacturing and cultivation development plans, permit processing and lined up utility companies to guarantee this project the momentum it needs to move forward. Their proposed facilities will not only cultivate state-regulated, quality medicine but also contribute to the expanding economic opportunities for the city through jobs, structures and community benefit. Dust to Diamonds Inc. is ready to give back to the city that is willing to help beat the odds.

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