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ARTICLE III, February 6, 2020

Author: Vanessa Macias

Publisher: GG Magazine


Los Angeles, CA/ February 6, 2020/—Dust To Diamonds Incorporated, A California based cannabis health/wellness platform.

“The art of medicine consists of amusing the patient while nature cures the disease” -Voltaire

Health, a feeling of well-being, free from the awareness of pain or irritation residing within the body. To be free of fatigue and invigorated with vitality is a universal desire that many of us are desperately seeking. How can we attain such a rewarding pleasure state amongst the troubled sufferings of dis-ease in everyday life?

One word……. CANNABIS.

To consider the correlation between cannabis and the multi-dimensional factors that make up our complete wellness, is an advantageous thought to entertain. Let’s dig deeper into the components that are our holistic health.

The 5 dimensions of Holistic Health include:

Physical Health: Overall self-care; Daily Activity; Proper Nutrition

Emotional Health: To understand emotional intelligence; navigating through feelings and desires- both good and bad; managing emotions

Spiritual Health: Sense of purpose; the relationship with your inner self; mindfulness to your meaning of life’s balance

Intellectual Health: Focuses on your social and environmental relationships with others (spouse, family, friends, peers), emotional support system, personal growth, engaging the mind

Financial Health: Monetary relationship, your attitude towards money, financial well-being, money management

Incorporating cannabinoids into our everyday wellness routine provides natural, plant-based support for our muscles, brain, stomach, eyes, skin and much more. With respect to our physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing, cannabis, as an added supplement, can certainly boost our nutrition (ex. Hemp seeds), aid in our fitness regimen (ex. Hemp protein) and ignite our mental focus (ex. MCT w/ CBD additives).

 The restoration of our endocannabinoid system can leave us feeling rejuvenated and in a positive state of awareness. At this level of a heightened mood, our intellectual health can improve drastically, leading us to the confidence and energy for networking, more relationship building, and a stronger sense of purpose, which can position us for opportunities to increase our financial wealth.

 From alleviating social anxieties and depression, to raising our Chi for a spiritual reboot, the integration of cannabis and whole-body wellness solutions are limitless. As civilization continues to re-adapt towards the ancient benefits of holistic healing, cannabis will be at the forefront of integrative medicine as a vital tool for optimizing our health.

With a new sense of enlightenment towards a holistic approach to healing, we can begin to conjure up ideas as to what role cannabis may play in uplifting our personal health in each one of these categories.



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