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The Evolution of Healing: Essence CBD

Cannabis, a once taboo term has now become a common household amenity. Hemp, full spectrum and CBD infused are some of the various words found on labels around many homes across the globe. Why the sudden change in acceptance?

The shift in the marijuana stigma, amongst what many members of the Baby Boomer and Generation X era perceived it as, has become a more acceptable form of therapy due to the nature of its healing potential. As cannabinoid research progresses, various plant compounds are being discovered and contributing to the success stories we hear everyday from individuals finding relief in this herbal remedy. One compound (amongst the 100 and counting) has the world awakening to the wellness benefits of cannabinoid therapy. Cannabidiol, better known as CBD, is being openly discussed by the masses for its said pain management and relief results, without producing a high.

CBD is the non-psychoactive compound extracted from the Cannabis Hemp plant and is known more commonly as a tool for assisting with pain management, anxiety, stress, depression, seizures, headaches and more. Found in everything from personal care supplements and beauty products, to being used as a food and drink additive, the natural benefits from plant therapies found in CBD are guiding consumers towards a healthier, and more natural, healing journey.

As you learn more about cannabinoid remedies, you might ask yourself questions like “Will this get me high?”, “What brand should I purchase?” or “What method of consumption should I try?”, or even “Why should I use CBD?” These are all great points to think about when beginning to scope out the right cannabinoid remedy for your wellbeing.

One brand, in particular, is paving the way with solutions to help ease patients into a cannabis wellness routine, free of dis-ease from the ancient “Gateway Drug” stigmas and “Devil’s Lettuce” perspectives.

Essence CBD, The Evolution of Healing, a women-owned and operated company out of Quartz Hill, California. Officially launched in January 2020, this company introduces a line of cannabinoid infused personal care essentials including topicals, oils, herbal essentials and plant-based supplements for alleviating pain. Essence CBD released a 2,000mg CBD Multipack that has the market rushing to get their hands on one of these! Equipped with a 500mg Topical, 500mg Capsule Pack, 1000mg Dropper and a special gift, this sample pack is perfect for patients looking to share or receive optimal healing, from the inside, out.

As a leading cannabis wellness brand, Essence CBD has many talking about the rejuvenating results and potent formulas found in each product. With the patient’s wellness in mind, Essence CBD products are made using only the finest natural plant-based materials and essential blends, combined with the cleanest, most potent CBD isolates on the market. Why isolate you may ask? When seeking the best method for patients to receive their CBD intake, Essence CBD chose to stick with the finest method of extracting cannabidiol, isolate, and due to no identifiable amounts of other cannabinoids, this allows for CBD to be the only cannabis compound consumed in these products. Essence CBD is worth trying if you are looking for a high quality, trusted brand, created for the patients, by the patients, with no hidden impurities included. Say hello to the number one cannabis-integrated wellness solution to hit the market since THC.

Learn more about Essence CBD: The Evolution of Healing aT EVOLUTIONOFHEALING.COM or visit @evolutionofhealing for more information.

About Dust To Diamonds Incorporated:

In early 2016, Co-Founders Vanessa Macias and Mariah Dodson, set out on a mission to educate their community on the medicinal value and economic benefits of the newly regulated California Cannabis industry. As advocates, and philanthropists with a synchronized passion for this life-saving plant, they were inspired to create a conscious-based business model to service their industry. With their friends and family’s well-being in mind, they launched Dust To Diamonds Inc.(D2D), a leading Southern California based health platform for wellness solutions and cannabinoid therapies. Soon after in 2017, D2D launched Essence Wellness, a subsidiary line of CBD personal care products including botanicals, oils, extracts, lotions and supplements. By 2018, the company was acknowledged for being founded by the youngest entrepreneurs in the history of cannabis legalization to be awarded cultivation and manufacturing business licensing in the State of California. 

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