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Who we are
Dust To Diamonds Incorporated is a California-based holistic wellness company focused on providing cannabis-integrated education for enhancing everyday health practices. Through offering a quality product line of naturopathic essentials including; topicals, drops, capsules, and oils at over a dozen, and counting, retail locations, Dust To Diamonds Incorporated proves to be dedicated to help strengthen the mind, body, and souls of humanity by incorporating CBD into an everyday lifestyle. The company was awarded Medical Cannabis Cultivation & Manufacturing licenses in California City, California, as well as acknowledged for being founded by the youngest shareholders in regulated cannabis. This innovative company is paving the way for modern-day self-care.

Mission:  Our deepest purpose is to empower self-reliance through holistic wellness for an enriched well being.

Vision:  To inspire and enlighten innovative concepts to heal the body and soul.

Values:  Enlighten. Small tips add up to a mass of knowledge over time and we hope to part of your awakening.

Inspire. We share our story to those who want to grow and in turn, we hope to be inspired by you.

Empower. Self-motivation is tricky but our tools for success will help you get through those bumps and setbacks.

Self-Reliance. We all have talents and once we hone them, we can be more valuable to those around us.

Unity. As we gather our community of self-reliant souls we become a stronger unit.

Commitment. We dedicate our time to empower those around us by inspiring them to grow with us as we upgrade our well-being.

Integrity:  We hold ourselves to the standard you expect when looking for that next level.

Innovation:  We provide innovative and personalized solutions for a more enjoyable experience towards your health goals.

We are inspired every single day by the stories people share with us. So many perspectives in life and we want to hear them all. You all have a lesson to teach us and we can’t wait to hear about your journey.

Join one of our bi-monthly empowerment seminars, news updates or tune into our Instagram/Facebook for Serenity Saturday to receive free sound healing session with our master holistic practitioner that helps guide us through a path towards self-reliance.